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Happy Christmas! (December recap)

It's been a busy month!

In early December, I hosted a launch party for the new website, see more in this earlier blog post.

I got some new brushes for Procreate, resulting in this crayon look you see here. This test illustration of Ernesto in a forest was even featured on the Newgrounds front page! Truly a highlight of the month.

Some comments on Newgrounds and Reddit remarked on the kid's book look. One day I will realise my dream to create a children's book.

The same brushes were used for this Santa dog illustration, which was sent as postcards to my friends and family.


My comic project Bird show has progressed well this month: I've completed two new pages and sketched two more. For the upcoming story arc, I wanted a small penguin buddy for Ernesto to chill and hike with.

After some sketches I gave up, and just brought in Piedro from Rituals as a cameo:

No need to explain or justify why Piedro is in both stories, right?

In December, I also took part in an art competition in Sweden, organised by a mobile payment app company. I submitted an entry for a digital card that can be displayed when making quick payments. Unfortunately, my card wasn't picked as a winner this year. (Veckopeng means "weekly allowance" or "weekly pocket money".)

This month I also made my first sale on Redbubble!

A dream of a four-page short comic has been manifesting in my mind, but on this subject, I shall say no more, for now...

Thank you for all the support. With that, I wish you good health and happiness in 2024.

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