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The Curse of Windows 11 (Jan-Feb recap)

The year 2024 started off with Bird Show work. Ideas kept coming and there was no need for perfection. Some scenes turned out quite beautiful, while others have a more unfinished touch. Others still are pretty ugly, but I try not to overpolish things with this project. 16 Bird Show pages are now completed and 1.5 sketched.

The old laptop didn't cut it.

After a brief mention of my old project, Forest Story, in a prior blog post, I felt like revisiting it. It's my first long-format comic tale, started in 2016 and eventually abandoned after 24 completed pages.

It still has potential, so I decided to resurrect it. The problem? It was drawn in Adobe Flash CS6, a now dead-and-buried relic of a program. My PC had involuntarily "upgraded" to Windows 11 and wouldn't start Flash anymore. So I dug out an aging laptop that still carried Flash, but the performance was way too laggy...

After searching the internet and reading countless cries for help from desperate people in the same situation, I realised there's nothing to do except wipe the hard drive clean and revert to Windows 10. Dear reader, if you're also a rare Adobe Flash loyalist - do not upgrade to Windows 11!

When you need to reinstall Windows 10...

After these slight tech problems I finished 3 brand new pages for Forest Story, the first pages in years. I will have to update the projects page to make some room for Forest Story.

Summary January - February 2024:

  • Bird Show: Finished 4 new pages

  • Forest Story: Finished 3 pages

  • Secret project: Sketched 1 page

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