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Comic work in progress

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"​Leffe Leifsson of the Dogetribe has just turned 15. Following ancient tradition, he must embark on a dangerous and magical quest to prove himself worthy of the title of hunter. When encountering a young girl from a rival tribe, things suddenly get complicated..."

Rituals (working name) is an epic hero's journey spanning around 40 pages. I started working on it in Procreate in 2021 and will need another one to two years to complete it. 

Progress: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ 55% done!

Bird Show

Bird Show (working name) is a slice-of-life cartoon that explores navigating the challenges of life. Follow the everyday struggles of Ernesto as he juggles work life, dating, friendships, and the search for the meaning of life.

This project uses a daily-strip cartoon format rather than a continuous storyline. I'm working on it sporadically and will release it when I feel I have enough content.

Progress: 16 pages done, 1.5 pages sketched (07.02.2024)

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