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New website!

Folkcomics is dead! Long live Folkcomics!

Cartooning is time-consuming and lonely work. Every comic creator would agree with me. Alone in a room, sketching page after page, unable to reveal too much, as it would spoil the story.

WIP: Bird Show

Fortunately, I've now got this place! It's my art cave - a sanctuary for my comics.

The blog allows me to keep in touch and tell you how I'm progressing on my projects. Be notified when I release a new story: sign up on the email list (located at the bottom of the projects page).

So far, you can explore The One That Got Away and Leffe's Letter on here. For the first time ever, these webcomics can be read in high definition and fullscreen.

I hope this website will grow and house a lot more webcomics in the years to come. Would love to hear from you. Send me a letter or leave a note below.

In this fading light, your journey into the art cave is welcomed.


💀 The old website can be found here. RIP.

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